Grace Holmes

I am a senior English, literature and writing major at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

I like writing creatively, making people laugh and challenging others to think complexly.

I also like long drives at night, playing the piano and staring at my ceiling wondering if it's worth it to pursue a writing career.

I want to write stories that make people say "yeah! That's me!" while inspiring them to think outside of the box.

Earnest adores her scholars

Fifth-grade teacher shares her passion for her students and her philosophy on teaching. It doesn’t take long for anyone to see how much fifth-grade teacher Elizabeth Earnest adores her Maxfield Elementary School scholars. She loves being able to see their faces when they understand something new, and she cannot say enough good things about them. She loves the way they see the world, their ability to see beauty in everything and that they are hard-working. “They’re just all so wonderful,” she s

One strange home-COVID week

Pandemic guidelines forced adjustments to nearly every aspect of homecoming, but Bethel still pulled off the events. COVID-19 forced Bethel’s homecoming traditions to look a bit different, and faculty, staff and Bethel Student Government adjusted to keep up the school spirit with safety in mind. “We were so blessed to be able to do homecoming this year. Certainly there were many stressful planning meetings, simply because we were unsure of all of the restrictions that we were working with and

Closing Night

The curtain rises. The lights come up. An empty stage holds its breath in the lingering moments before the opening lines. The air stands still and the audience escapes into the new world in front of them. The actors transform from impassioned theatre kids into the vibrant characters they portray. This is when Nora says she feels the most like herself. Under all the makeup, the outrageous costumes, as she becomes somebody else, Nora comes to life. Her energetic confidence shines through as she br